TC® Fine Shapewear

Brand Identity & Packaging

After 17 years of revamping and keeping the TC brand fresh, it evolved into my favorite and most effective incarnation.  The biggest challenge has always been keeping the client's need for hangtags that tell as much information as possible while speaking to the target market and the point of sale esthetics of the better department stores, which tend to house elegant and simplistic marketing. 

The compromise and solution was a stacked tag effect; that way layers of information about patented features, garment benefits and a photo could be available to the customer while being covered in a quality, matte black tag with silver foil TC logo for overall display. Shown, is just a sample of the 24+ product line with subcategories.

MY ROLE / Concept with client, Brand logo, Photo Art Direction, All Design/Layouts, Illustrations, Production,

• All accompanying marketing and industry materials for the brand.

• Adapted version of brand, Cupid® Fine Shapewear, for overseas.